Transylvanian Institute, Transylvanian Museum, Heritage and Community Centre

  • Integration of all three institutions in large-scale activities and events.   

  • Cooperation in the planning and realisation of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, readings, concerts, guided tours.

A Place for all Transylvanian Saxons to Meet and Recollect

  • Meetings of a wide variety groups: associations, clubs, local communities, school classes, extended families, private celebrations.

  • Maintaining Transylvanian customs: e.g. May Day celebrations, Crowning Festival, Traditional Festivals.

International Gatherings for Young People

  • Transylvanian youth from all over the world: dance groups, choirs, workshops, seminars for young scientists and artists, summer academies.

  • Students, PhD students: supervision of dissertations.

  • Pupils: "Work and Travel": readings, guided tours of the museum and castle.

Business Guests

  • Companies from the region: conferences, seminars, workshops, team building, fairs and exhibitions.

  • Film makers, commercials, photo shoots: The castle as a set.

Guests from the World of Science

  • Events, research in areas such as: history, literature, art, linguistics, music, ethnology, genealogy, regional studies, natural sciences.

  • German, European and international scientists at conferences, symposia, further training, lectures, university events.

Offers for German and International Tourists

  • History: Castle of the Teutonic Order, Transylvanian Museum and Library.    

  • Tourism: Horneck Castle integrated into Neckar tourism, Castle Route.    

  • Culture and events: cultural, event and event offers.   

  • Leisure and sports: boat trips on the Neckar, vineyards, cycle tracks and hiking trails.    

  • Gastronomy and wine: local viticulture and good regional cuisine 

Guests at a Variety of Events

  • Weddings, gala evenings and balls.

  • Cultural programmes, events, summer activities and markets.

  • Increasing integration of the castle and the stone cellar into guided tours of the town.

Inhabitants of the Town of Gundelsheim and the Region

  • Participation of the Heritage Centre in events of the city, e.g. Old Town Festival, Christmas Market.

  • Involvement of local suppliers of gastronomy, wine and local products.

  • Expansion of the cultural offers for the inhabitants