Visible progress in conversion of Horneck Castle - 8.08.2019

From neighbour to tenant - 13.07.2019

The Pietralla family will operate the Heritage and Community Centre at Horneck Castle as from 2020 - 29.06.2019

Dr. Konrad Gündisch remains Chairman of the Castle Association - 29.06.2019

Dance groups donate to Horneck Castle - 22.06.2019

Stay overnight like princes - 8.03.2019

Horneck Castle - Conversion, Planning, Prospects - 4.03.2019

Construction work at Horneck Castle in full swing - 11.02.2019

Positive annual balance for Horneck Castle - 9.01.2019

Horneck Castle: We need your donation - now more than ever! - 4.01.2019

A heart for Horneck Castle - it's time to say thank you - 08.12.2018

Atmospheric Christmas Market at Horneck Castle - 5.12.2018

Transylvanian Saxons at the Christmas Market in Gundelsheim - 28.11.2018

BREAKING NEWS: 880 000 Euro government funding for Horneck Castle - 8.11.2018

Conversion and pre-Christmas season at Horneck Castle - 30.10.2018

Baden-Württemberg supports Horneck Castle with a quarter of a million euro - 17.10.2018

Review of the castle festival and start of conversion work at Gundelsheim - 16.10.2018

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On the way to the heritage centre: Lecture on Horneck Castle in Munich - 29.09.2018

Outstanding volunteer work: President of the Federation of Transylvanian Saxons Herta Daniel congratulates Hon.Prof. Dr. Konrad Gündisch - 25.07.2018

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Historian, Cultural Mediator, Designer of the Future: Konrad Gündisch on his seventieth birthday - 25.07.2018

Impressions of the festival at Horneck Castle - 14.07.2018

Summer festival at Horneck Castle in Gundelsheim: The reconstruction begins at Horneck Castle - 12.07.2018

Summer atmosphere at Horneck Castle - 8.07.2018

Latest news about the summer festival at Horneck Castle - 28.06.2018

Summer Castle Festival at Horneck Castle - 23.06.2018

Special venue for celebrations and conferences - 22.06.2018

"It`s wonderful to live and work here" - 19.06.2018

Summer Castle Festival at Horneck Castle - 8.06.2018

Meeting of the Castle Association in Munich - 2.05.2018

Horneck Castle: Castle Summer Festival - 4.04.2018

Transylvanian treasures at Horneck Castle - 24.03.2018

Showroom at Horneck Castle - 18.03.2018

Great pleasure at notice of approval for Horneck Castle - 10.03.2018

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The new operating concept for Horneck Castle - 5.02.2018

The new website of Horneck Castle - 27.01.2018

Planned culture centre takes shape - 18.01.2018

Festive atmosphere at Horneck Castle - 16.01.2018

Wonderful Christmas present for Horneck Castle - 23.12.2017

"What does Horneck Castle mean to me?" - 22.12.2017

Georg Mick is the good spirit of Horneck Castle - 21.12.2017

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Two Generations - One Topic: Horneck Castle - 18.12.2017

President of the Federation: Horneck is making progress - 18.12.2017

Good news for Horneck Castle - 16.12.2017

Jürgen from Transylvania and Carpathian Orchestra guests at Horneck Castle - 3.12.2017

Television recordings, brass music and dance at Horneck Castle - 19.11.2017

Association at work at the place of power - 14.11.2017

News from Horneck Castle: Applications for funding submitted - 4.11.2017

Project team Horneck Castle meets HOG governing body - 1.10.2017

Project team Horneck Castle also active in the summer months - 16.09.2017

Horneck Castle well on its way to the Transylvanian Heritage and Community Centre- 7.09.2017

News from Horneck Castle: Another large donation from the United States - 14.08.2017

Place of identification for the Transylvanian Saxons in Germany - 5.8.2017

A strong castle for the future - 4.8.2017

Horneck castle participates in Gundelsheim's 1250th anniversary celebrations - 24.07.2017

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Castle Association elects Association’s new Board of Directors - 21.07.2017

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Attractive advertising film about Horneck Castle - 15.07.2017

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News from Horneck Castle - 6.07.2017

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The "New Wave"of Horneck Castle - 4.07.2017

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Transylvanian Saxons are keen to gather - 4.7.2017

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Horneck Castle celebrated together with Gundelsheim - 26.06.2017

1250th anniversary of the town of Gundelsheim - Horneck Castle is part of the celebrations! - 20.06.2017

The path to the Heritage and Community Centre Horneck Castle- 18.06.2017

Between Identity and Open Encounter - 9.6.2017

Castle Association presents itself in Dinkelsbühl and Gundelsheim - 28.05.2017

News about Horneck Castle at the Annual Gathering in Dinkelsbühl - 17.05.2017

Castle Horneck as photo and film backdrop - 5.05.2017

General meeting and board meeting of the Castle Association in Dinkelsbühl - 10.04.2017

Horneck Castle is a "film star" - 5.04.2017

Prince's Room at Horneck Castle - 3.04.2017

Horneck Castle: Patient step-by-step procedure - 14.03.2017

Milestone for the conversion of Horneck Castle - 22.02.2017

Baroque Hall Johannes Honterus at Horneck Castle - 9.02.2017

Horneck Castle: Conditions for renting space by local communities - 31.01.2017

New Year`s reception in Gundelsheim on the Neckar - 20.01.2017

Support for Horneck Castle is still needed - 30.12.2016

Gundelsheim Christmas Market under joint organisation - 14.12.2016

Hometown communities can rent rooms at Horneck Castle! - 5.12.2016

Community contribution recognised - 29.11.2016

Central cultural institutions in Gundelsheim secure in the future - 27.11.2016

BREAKING NEWS: 1.9 million Euro in public funding for Horneck Castle - 10.11.2016

Horneck Castle: Transylvanian Saxons venture a new start - 15.01.2016