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Membership in the Association, with or without Voluntary Work

The membership in the association Transylvanian Heritage and Community Centre Horneck Castle, with or without voluntary work, secures the future of Transylvanian cultural heritage in the library, archive and museum at Horneck Castle and transforms Horneck Castle into a modern cultural and community centre.

Horneck Castle thus becomes a lively cultural and identification centre for the Transylvanian Saxons in Germany. Become a member of the association Transylvanian Heritage and Community Centre Horneck Castle and help us shape the future of this centre.

We are looking for committed individuals, who by joining our association for an annual fee of 49 € upwards, wish to maintain, form and further develop the centre in the form of voluntary work, or who simply support Horneck Castle financially through their membership fee only.

You can find a membership application form here:


Every donation helps!

The preservation of the building substance, the renovation and conversion of Horneck Castle into a heritage, cultural and meeting centre and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Transylvanian Saxons is supported by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, by the Department for the Protection of Listed Monuments in Baden-Württemberg, by the Department for Urban Planning of the city of Heilbronn and by substantial personal contributions.

  • The following costs are not covered by public funding and still require your donations:
  • Indoor refurbishment of the 31 guest rooms, seminar rooms, offices and meeting rooms
  • Design of the entrance to the castle and the foyer
  • Design of the staircase and corridors
  • Renovation of the staircase
  • Signposting and general orientation for visitors within the building
  • Multimedia equipment, advertising campaign, computers, etc.
  • Costs for the official opening in July 2020

In order for us to confirm the receipt of your donation, please enter your address under "Purpose". We are happy to publish the names of the donors. If you wish to remain anonymous, please enter this under „Purpose“.

Please transfer your donation to the following account:

Account holder: Siebenbürgisches Kulturzentrum "Schloss Horneck" e.V.

Bank   VR Bank Dinkelsbühl eG
IBAN   DE21 7659 1000 0000 0313 13

Voluntary Work in Horneck Castle Association

Our voluntary project team needs support and assistance with various tasks for the duration of the conversion of the castle. 

After the official opening of the Heritage and Community Centre in July 2020  further voluntary work on behalf of the association will be necessary in order to continue to develop Horneck Castle together with the operator of the centre as a lively focal centre for the culture  of the Transylvanian Saxons. 

  • We are therefore looking for committed individuals to help us with:
  • the acquisition of further donations and subsidies
  • fundraising at companies and private individuals, 
  • preparation of grant applications for foundations, funds and companies
  • public relations: lectures and presentations about the heritage centre
  • press work and copywriting of advertising material
  • planning and organisation of festivals and events in the castle
  • presentation of the castle association at other events, such as the annual gathering of Transylvanian Saxons in Dinkelsbühl or festivals of the town of Gundelsheim
  • direct involvement on site at parties, e.g. preparation, and general support

Thank you very much for your support!